What happens during my first visit?

What happens during my first visit?

  • Arrive at your appointment with your paperwork completed that was e mailed to you or you downloaded from our web site. If you are unable to do this, please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time to complete paperwork.
  • Bring your prescription with you for physical therapy.
  • We will copy your insurance card and driver’s license.
  • You will be seen by a physical therapist for your initial evaluation.
  • The therapist will discuss the following:
  1. Your medical history
  2. Your current complaints and problems.
  3. How your complaints affect your daily life.
  4. Pain intensity, what makes the pain better or worse.
  5. Your goals with physical therapy.
  6. Any medications you take, tests and procedures you have had.
  • The physical therapist will then perform an objective evaluation. This may include the following:

       1. Palapation- 

     The therapist will touch the area of pain or problem area. This is done to feel for tenderness, swelling,  soft tissue restrictions,  warmth, inflammation.

           2. Range of Motion-

       The therapist will move your joints to see if there are any limitations in movement and how much movement you have.

           3. Muscle Testing-

     The therapist may test how strong your muscles contract. Pain with this and weakness may be noted. The quality of the contraction is graded.

           4. Neurologic Screening-

     The therapist may check to see how your muscles and nerves are working together. May check reflexes, sensation of touch and temperature, and pain.

           5. Special Tests-

     The therapist may perform additional tests to help in determining your treatment plan.

           6. Postural Assessment-

      The therapist will assess your posture and see what is not aligned properly.

Your physical therapist will design a plan of carebased on their findings from the initial evaluation.  The plan is developed with your input. This p[lan will include how often per week you should attend physical therapy for how many weeks. Goals will be developed with your input and your physician’s input too.. It also includes a home exedrcise program.