Our Mission

The mission of Hands on Physical Therapy is to provide state-of-the-art physical therapy and rehabilitation services capable of improving people's lives.

Back Injuries

There is substantial evidence supporting the benefits of physical therapy both before and after back surgery.

Knee Injuries

Hands on Physical Therapy works with you to restore your activity, strength and motion following an injury or surgery using specific exercises, stretches and techniques.

Shoulder Injuries

Hands on Therapy helps evaluate and and treat your shoulder pain or injury. Your program will likely start with an initial evaluation. During this assessment, the therapist will ask you questions about the nature of your pain and the aggravating and relieving factors.

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Hands on Therapy in conveniently located in three locations including Cary, Zebulon, and Fuquay Varina.

Four Reasons to Get Hands on Therapy Now!

Sports Related Injuries

1Sports or exercise injuries can be the result of training mishaps, incorrect warm up methods, trauma from a fall or other accident resulting in a physical injury.


2Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. There is distinct pain and difficulty moving with these conditions.

Fatigue and Pain

3An example would be a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Fibromyalgia is an aching condition characterized by extensive soft tissue pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and regions of tenderness in the body.

Sprains or Muscle Injuries

4These injuries can result from slip and fall accidents, repetitive motion injuries, and other incidents causing a physical injury. This can include such injured areas as the arms, shoulder, knees, feet, ankles, hand and wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Neck pain is also an area that can be treated with physical therapy.